YEAR 9 & 10 Maths Tutoring Course

Foundation for Mastering HSC Mathematics

Course Outline

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) allows for flexible pathways, which creates an ever widening gap between the different levels of Mathematics taught in each class of the same year. Most schools determine what level of math a student studies based on the marks they achieve. However, marks do not always reflect a student’s mathematical ability. For example, an absence for one particular lesson could render an entire topic unintelligible; problems at home or socially could prevent a student from focusing in class and studying at home; a personality clash with their teacher could lead to a student failing to concentrate and learn.

Course pathways based on marks can lead to lower levels of study that do not prepare students for the continued study of math. The student’s math level should be determined by the student’s needs, goals, interests and aspirations rather than any perceived mathematical ability based solely on marks.

At Dynamic Math, we aim for all our students to complete Stages 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 over Years 9 and 10, which will give them the opportunity to study Advanced Mathematics and also Extension 1 & 2 for the Higher School Certificate and consequently retain the potential to go on to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) courses at University.

This course is designed for:

  • all students in Years 9 & 10

The topics covered for Year 9 include:

Term 1:

Indices and Numbers of any magnitude, Ratios and rates, Algebraic Techniques, Financial Math, Area and Surface Area, Volume


Linear Relationships, Investigating Data (Single variable data analysis, Bivariate data analysis, Interpreting and Evaluating Statistics), Equations


Non-linear Relationships, Simultaneous Equations, Right angle triangles (Trigonometry)


Probability, Properties of geometric figures

The topics covered for Year 10 include:


Trigonometry, Equations-Linear & Quadratic Equations, Functions, Measurement-Calculation of Area, Surface Area and Volume


Financial Math’s, Linear & Non-Linear Relationships, Co-ordinate Geometry, Ratio and Rates, Surds and Indices


Probability, Inverse Functions, Logarithms, Polynomials, Statistics-Univariate Data


Statistics-Bivariate Data, Trigonometry-Radians, Similarity and Congruence, Circle Geometry, Pascals Triangle

Timetable and Fees


Dynamic Maths Classroom, 1 Ashley St, Hornsby (3 mins from Hornsby Station)


Dates & Times to be advised.


To be advised (1.5 hrs lessons)


$50 per week, paid a month or term in advance.