Experienced Maths Tutors with STEM Industry Experience & University Qualifications 

Our Methodology

Dynamic Math is a specialist education service provider tailoring high school mathematics tutoring courses to suit your child's needs. Helping students develop a thorough understanding of High School, HSC and University Level Maths is our primary focus and to maintain that focus, we don't offer tutoring in other subject areas.  With scores of years of STEM related industry exposure between them, our tutoring team are truly passionate about their chosen area of expertise, but more importantly, they're also parents who know what it's like to worry about whether their child has the best opportunity to learn. 

Dynamic Math presents a new paradigm in small group maths tutoring for the Hornsby Area. We provide maths tutoring classes to high school students throughout Sydney's Northern Suburbs at our smart classroom which is conveniently located just a 3 minute walk from Hornsby Railway Station

Introducing Maplesoft and Möbius

WE are licensed registered Maplesoft and Möbius Users and currently are the ONLY Maths Tutoring College in Australia offering Maple and Mobius in our teaching methods. Maple is powerful, easy to use math software that can improve your child's grades, increase their confidence, Maple provides an innovative, enriching experience for students that allows them to become instantly productive and engaged in learning.

Check out this brief introduction video:

Maplesoft links up with Möbius Courseware. Möbius is the only comprehensive online course platform designed to meet the specialized requirements of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Dynamic Math provide students unlimited access to our licenced student portal, where they can revise and practise their maths in an engaging way and from the comfort of home. 

Maple is used by 90% of Australian Universities which is why we believe early adoption is paramount to your child's progress.

Interactive Technology + Face to Face Lectures + Small Class Sizes = Maths Success!

Our classes are delivered with a combination of traditional face to face lectures combined with smart whiteboard tutorials and practical exercises as directed by the tutor. Lessons Incorporate engaging, enlightening visualizations of concepts, problems, and solutions, through a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D plots and animations that students can modify and explore after class and at their own leisure. The process is interactive and fully engages students for active learning and improvement of grades and mathematical confidence. 

The tutoring team at Dynamic Math are fully conversant with the new Preliminary (Year 11) and HSC (Year 12) maths curriculum being rolled out throughout NSW during 2019 - 2020. If you need some guidance in understanding the changes to the hsc maths curriculum, we'd be more than happy to help. Send us an email using our Contact Form or call us on 0437 126 300. 


Interactive Pre-Class Videos and Slideshows introduce the student to key-topics with embedded assessment to help students prepare and identify misconceptions before the lecture, and allow Students to revise previous related topics which serve as a foundation to the upcoming new topic. 


The lesson is delivered in two parts.
Part 1:
Traditional face to face lecture style. In depth Coverage of all topics promoting
Conceptual Understanding and Problem Solving skills with detailed notes.
Part 2:
This is a ‘Hands-On’ approach using Technology we provide in the classroom.
Every Student has access to an Apple PC and a 61cm monitor. This is also connected to a 218cm Interactive Whiteboard. Loaded onto each PC is a licensed version of Maple 2018, connected directly to the Maple Server.

Maple allows Students to engage in more sophisticated tasks It develops intuition through visualisation. It generates collaboration through classroom discussions, promotes peer to peer learning through applications to help Students develop critical thinking and communication skills.

Maple is used in 90% of Australian Universities, Learn and use it now.

Using Digital Tools to make Maths Fun and Enjoyable in accoradance with NESA’s recommendation


Students are connected at home through a licensed on-line platform called Mobius. This electronic portal allows Students to perform short adaptive follow-up assignments and practice questions that pair mastering the topic content with Mobius adaptive learning engine. This provides the corrective feedback that minimises misconceptions before they take hold.

Animation showing  Volume generated by y=x^2, between x=0 to x=1