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Get ready for Term 1, 2019

Consolidation of Year 9 Maths
Ready for Year 10

Course Outline

This course is a thorough revision of Year 9 mathematics to ensure students are ready to start Year 10.

Have you been learning mathematics at the level that will get you where you want to go in life? During Years 9 & 10, the level of mathematics taught at school starts to significantly diverge between the top math class and the lowest. Students who do not study at the advanced level will not complete Stage 5.3 by the end of Year 10. They will then not be prepared to study Advanced Mathematics and Extension 1 for the Higher School Certificate and these are assumed knowledge for the study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics courses at University. If you haven’t studied at the advanced level and want to keep your future options open, you will need to catch up as early as possible and ask your school to change you to the Stage 5.3 class for Year 10 when school resumes. The Dynamic Math Ready for Year 10 course can help you to close the gap and be ready for Stage 5.3 Mathematics in Year 10.

This course is designed for:

  • students who want to thoroughly revise Year 9 mathematics s they are ready for a strong start in Year 10;
  • students who were absent for or had difficulty with one or more topics during Year 9;
  • students who need to change from the standard level to the advanced level of math in Year 10 because they have future plans to study Science, Technology or Engineering at University

In this course, the topics covered include:


Indices (index laws) and Numbers of any magnitude (scientific notation, rounding, unit conversions)
Financial Math – taxation, simple and compound interest, depreciation.
Ratios and rates – constant rates of change, graphing


Algebraic Techniques – operations, expand and simplify, factorise, perfect squares and difference between two squares.
Equations – Solving linear, quadratic, inequalities and simultaneous equations, graphing


Linear Relationships (Co-ordinate geometry) – equation of a straight line, graphing, gradient, midpoint, length, intercepts, parallel and perpendicular lines.
Non-linear Relationships – circle, parabola, graphing


Area, Surface Area and volume – prisms, cylinders, composite solids
Properties of geometric figures – proofs with triangles, similar figures and scale, sum of angles


Right angle triangles (Trigonometry) - trigonometric ratios, find sides and angles, angles of elevation and depression, bearings


Investigating Data (Single variable data analysis, Bivariate data analysis, Interpreting and Evaluating Statistics)

Timetable and Fees


January 2019 (6 days) - dates to be advised


To be advised (2 hrs each day)


We have deliberately kept this cost as low as possible to make this intense course affordable.
We WANT you to succeed and to embrace Mathematics with a Passion.


Detailed notes with practical examples and exercises with solutions