Bridging Courses

The following Universities run Maths Bridging Courses:

These Bridging courses only teach to an introductory level and may help to bridge the gap between high school and university studies. The Bridging Maths taught in these courses is do not carry any credit towards your degree.

All Universities recommend that Students entering tertiary study without the recommended assumed or prerequisite knowledge in HSC or Extension 1 Maths consider doing a bridging course. This may include students enrolling in courses such as Engineering, Business, Science, Nursing, Architecture, Statistics and Information Technology.

The Universities run two Bridging Courses:

  1. HSC General to HSC - For Students who have completed HSC General Mathematics, and are including mathematics units in their first year of University, such as MATH123, MATH130,( Macquarie University) it includes introduction to algebra, functions, and mathematical concepts useful in preparation for mathematics and science.

    Please Note: Sydney University have introduced a Prerequisite HSC component in 2019, where a mark of 70% or better is required in an on-campus examination. Sydney University runs an online course through Coursera called “Introduction to MOOC Calculus” to prepare students for this course.

  2. HSC Mathematics to Extension 1: This is a bridging course from HSC mathematics to Extension 1 for students who are using their HSC mathematics results for entry into University first year Mainstream Mathematics. It is also for students who have not studied mathematics for some time, for instance returning from a “gap year” and need to refresh their skills before commencing their studies.

Dynamic Math offers a very comprehensive Bridging Course to satisfy both:

We will ensure that we will guide and support you every step of the way, with detailed explanationsvisual graphics, improve your fluency and your understanding so that you can tackle your first year maths at University with Confidence. Completing a bridging course at University is not a gentle lead into First Year University Mathematics. It can be likened to a step function or a Tsunami coming your way. We will provide you with a gentler slope by actually introducing you to concepts you will encounter in your first year of Maths. We will also be there for you by providing 3 hours of tutorial support every Saturday morning from 9:00am to 12:00 pm Free of Charge during your First Semester. WE want you to SUCCEED, ENJOY and EMBRACE your Mathematics with a Passion. WE will provide a Satisfaction based Guarantee.