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Dynamic Math is a centre of excellence in Maths Tuition, located conveniently near Hornsby railway station in Sydney's Northern Suburbs. We provide maths tutoring, maths coaching & maths holiday courses covering High School through to University with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our experienced Maths Tutors live and breath mathematics. We provide focused after school, weekend & holiday math classes to small groups of students. We identify gaps in mathematics knowledge, skills, & understanding with a focus on ensuring key concepts are fully understood. Register your child today!

Small class sizes utilising the latest technology featuring access to Maplesoft Maths Engine 

​Our Aim

At Dynamic Math, our aim is to help you to decisively improve your math skill set.

We want you to succeed and embrace Mathematics with a Passion.

We Will Achieve This By...

Working closely with you every step of the way. We will guide you through all the difficult and sometimes tedious mathematics to see you enjoying and embracing your maths with a passion. Our expert teaching staff will introduce you to Maple, a mathematics platform used in 90% of Universities in Australia and around the world. Learn to master and use Maple now. Maple has the world’s most powerful math engine with an interface that makes it super easy for you to visualize, explore and develop your problem solving and critical thinking skills in accordance with NESA’s recommendation.