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Get ready for Term 1, 2019

Year 10 Preparation for Year 11 Advanced Mathematics

Course Outline

This course aims to ensure all students are thoroughly prepared to start Year 11 Advanced Mathematics when school resumes in 2019. Strong conceptual understanding and fluency in Year 10 Stage 5.3 Mathematics is an extremely important foundation for Year 11 and 12 Advanced Maths and Extension 1 & 2 Mathematics.

This course is designed for:

  • students who want to thoroughly revise the entire year’s mathematics;
  • students who did not cover all of Stage 5.3 in Year 10 (such as students that were not in the top Maths class at school) but want to do Advanced Mathematics rather than Standard Maths for the HSC;
  • students who were absent for or had difficulty with one or more topics during Year 10;
  • students in Year 9 who are going into an accelerated Math program in Year 10 (where they start on Year 11 math) so they can be sure that they have learned all the mathematical concepts that they would have learned had they done Year 10 Stage 5.3.

In this course, you will learn:

  • As there is a lot of material to go through, this course will run for 4 hours per day over 8 days. The topics covered include:

Day 1:

Surds, Indices, Logarithms, exponentials – laws and problem solving, curve sketching

DAY 2:

Linear relationships - Equation of a straight line, parallel and perpendicular lines, mid-point, gradient, length of interval.

DAY 3:

Algebraic techniques - Factorisation, expand and simplify, solving equations, quadratic equations, complete the square, quadratic formula, cubic equations, solving simultaneous equations.

DAY 4:

Non-linear relationships - Parabolas, polynomials, Remainder theorem, Factor theorem, functions and inverse functions, curve sketching.

DAY 5 - 6:

Trigonometry - Trigonometric relations, exact ratios, sine rule, cosine rule, area rule, problem solving involving non-right-angled triangles.

DAY 7:

Geometry - geometric proofs for triangles quadrilaterals, circle geometry

DAY 8:

Surface area and volume - Pyramid, cone, sphere, similar figures.
Investigating data - Average and standard deviation, line of best fit.

Timetable and Fees


7th to 11th January & 14th to 16th January 2019 (8 days).


9:00 am to 1:00 pm (4 hrs)


We have deliberately kept this cost as low as possible to make this intense course affordable.
We WANT you to succeed and to embrace Mathematics with a Passion.


Detailed notes with practical examples and exercises with solutions
Morning tea